Skye Suburb


Another major suburb in the country of Australia is undoubtedly the town namely Skye. Skye’s postcode is 3977 and its Geolocation is Latitude: -38.119 and Longitude: 145.2.

The total distance this town maintains from the central business district of Melbourne is of about 38 kilometers. Just like the other towns, Frankston serves as a local government place for Skye as well.  The census of 2016 reported, that the population of Skye had reached around 8096.


The post office of Skye inaugurated in the year 1889 on the first of June. There was a name changing process which took place in the year 1964 with regard to Lyndhurst south office, which was open since 1902. The name Lyndhurst south office was changed to Skye, later this office too closed down in the year 1972.

The town Skye was known to be an integral part of the city Cranbourne, which was previously known as the shire of Cranbourne. The date 15 of December 1994 changed this as well, since now Skye is not a part of this city anymore, although the postcode of Skye is still shared with Cranbourne.


There have been a lot of developments made in this town with regard to the housing sector. The housing schemes have been prevailing in the town since 2005, in order to cater to the needs of the growing population. There is only one school in Skye which is the Skye Primary School.

The region of Skye revolves around the Southern Lights Church. The town has a huge piece of land on its eastern side, which is right on the outer part of the growth area and it is said to be semi-rural.  It is right in the middle of Skye and Cranbourne, serving as an alleviating sight of a green wedge. This green wedge is situated near the City of Cases.

The town has been declared as a perfect place to live due to the practical lifestyle it offers its residents. People have access to a good transport system and recreational sites such as public parks. Children enjoy growing up in Skye since it provides a semi-rural location with the availability of beaches.