Sandhurst is a city which comes within the boundaries of Melbourne, located in Victoria Australia. Sandhurst’s postcode is 3977 and its GeoLocation is Latitude: -38.081 and Longitude: 145.207. The city of Sandhurst is at a distance of about 37 kilometers from the central business district of Melbourne. Like the other numerous cities of this country, Sandhurst to has Frankston as its local government area. The total population in Sandhurst is around 4981. This figure has been reported according to the population census which was carried out in the town in the year 2016.


Previously, the city of Sandhurst was known to be an integral part of the City of Cranbourne, which was known as the Shire of Cranbourne in older times. The allocation of Sandhurst finished off with the city of Cranbourne on 15 December 1994. Though Sandhurst still shares a postcode same as the one of Cranbourne.


The district of Sandhurst has been under the representation of Labor MP Sonya Killeny for the longest time. Sonya Killen’s job is to represent Sandhurst in the Legislative Assembly of Victoria. She has been the representing figure of Sandhurst, since the last time elections took place on 29 November 2014. The electoral district under which Sandhurst falls is Carrum.  The areas which surround Sandhurst include Lyndhurst, Lynbrook, Bangholme, Skye, Patterson lakes and Carrums down.


The origins of Sandhurst date back to the year 1840. Around this time, the town was known as a part of Ravenswood Run. While on the other hand the southern part of the city was governed by a major English boxing fan.  He was such a big fan of William Abednego Thompson, that later he included Thompson to be his nickname.

Sandhurst the neighbourhood near Frankston
post code 3977