Frankston and surrounding suburbs


Langwarrin is an outlying district which is situated in the country Australia. Its exact location takes it to the capital city Melbourne. The total distance of Langwarrin from the central business district of Melbourne is almost 42 kilometers. Frankston is regarded as its government area.

According to the population census of 2016 carried out in the town, the total population was numbered to be 22, 588. Talking about its sides, the northern portion of the town is covered by the Valley road, while on the eastern side you will find the Dandenong Hastings road: Read more


Another major suburb in the country of Australia is undoubtedly the town namely Skye. The total distance this town maintains from the central business district of Melbourne is of about 38 kilometers. Just like the other towns, Frankston serves as a local government place for Skye as well.  The census of 2016 reported, that the population of Skye had reached around 8096.


The post office of Skye inaugurated in the year 1889 on the first of June. There was a name changing process which took place in the year 1964 with regard to Lyndhurst south office, which was open since 1902. The name Lyndhurst south office was changed to Skye, later this office too closed down in the year 1972: Read more


Carrum Downs

Carrum down is an outlying district of Melbourne; it comes under the wing of Victoria Australia. The exact location of this land is around 36 kilometers away from the central business district of Melbourne. The city which holds within Carrum down is Frankston government area. The total population of Carrum down is up to 13, 82000, this figure has been reported according to the census carried out in the year 2016.


Before the year 1994 in the month of December, a major part of Carrum down was situated in the city of Cranbourne. After 1994, there was a layer of reform that was spread around by the government due to which the land of Carrum down was declared to be an integral part of the city of Frankston: Read more


Frankston North

The original name of the town of Frankston North was “Pines Forest Estate” which is also often referred to as The Pines. The town of Frankston is an outlying district of Melbourne, which further is included within the country Australia. The location of this suburb is at a distance of 38 kilometers from the Central business district of Melbourne.

The entire population of Frankston is under 5762, according to the census carried out in the year 2016.


“Pines” has been chosen as the nickname for Frankston because in the previous times the Australian defense housing ministry was spread over the majority part of the land. The name of the Defense ministry was Pines Forest Estate. Although the nickname “pines” has been given to the state, the density: Read more


Frankston South

The location of Frankston south is quite similar to that of Frankston north. It is also a part of Melbourne and is counted under the country, Victoria Australia. The town is at a distance of about 43 kilometers from the City Centre of Melbourne.  The town comes under the wing of the city of Frankston with regard to its local government area.

A population census was carried out in the year 2006, according to which the total population of Frankston South was around 17,360. The postcode of this town is similar to that of Frankston itself.


Frankston South carries within such a residential real estate, which has been declared as the most expensive estate in the entire city. This declaration has been done on the basis of its alleviating hilly bodies which provide an exciting view of the Port Philip.  Apart from port Philip, people are able to: Read more