The city of Frankston is an outlying district of Melbourne and it is included in the country Victoria Australia. The postcode of Frankston is 3199 and the Geolocation is Latitude: -38.158 and Longitude: 145.135. The local government area of Frankston is the city of Frankston. The total distance, at which it falls away from the central business district of Melbourne, is about 55 kilometers. It is located in the northern part of the Peninsula. Frankston is often regarded as “the gateway to the peninsula”; this reference is made on the basis of its geographical position.


1853 is the year in which the foundation of Melbourne was laid down and it is the same time when the European settlement began to take place in the city of Frankston. Way before the European settlement took place in Frankston, the suburb was under the rule of the Mayan Bulluk group, and this group was an integral part of the Bunurong tribe of Kulin. 1854 was the year in which the village of Frankston gained recognition on an official basis. Frankston experienced landslides for the first time on the 29th of May.

Infrastructure and other factors:

The city of Frankston is located on a shoreline which is laid down on the eastern part of Port Phillip. The city has maintained its popularity as an important seaside destination within the official boundaries of Melbourne, since the year 1880. The beach of Frankston is the most visited one in the entire country. The Frankston beach not only serves as a major attraction for people, but it is also known to be the cleanest beach amongst the lot.

Some of the country’s largest exhibitions are organized in this town; a great example of such an exhibition would be the one which showcases sand sculpting. This exhibition takes place in the Southern Hemisphere.

According to the population census which was carried out in the year 2016, the total number of Frankston’s population is around 36097.

Frankston town
Post code 3199