Frankston South


The location of Frankston south is quite similar to that of Frankston north. Frankston South postcode is 3199 and its Geolocation is Latitude: -38.188 and Longitude: 145.153. It is also a part of Melbourne and is counted under the country, Victoria Australia. The town is at a distance of about 43 kilometers from the City Centre of Melbourne.  The town comes under the wing of the city of Frankston with regard to its local government area.

A population census was carried out in the year 2006, according to which the total population of Frankston South was around 17,360. The postcode of this town is similar to that of Frankston itself.


Frankston South carries within such a residential real estate, which has been declared as the most expensive estate in the entire city. This declaration has been done on the basis of its alleviating hilly bodies which provide an exciting view of the Port Philip.  Apart from port Philip, people are able to enjoy, while looking at the beauty of the town in the form of tree-lined streets and houses that have smartly been constructed on a part of Sweetwater Reserve.

This reserve is located right in the middle of Frankston South. Frankston south provides its people, as well as tourists with some really beautiful residential views. In fact, the properties which are put up on the market in the surroundings get sold for really high prices.


Although there are no famous shopping malls in Frankston south, there are various other infrastructures worth taking a look at. The non-existence of major shopping malls in the area is due to the spread of CBD in the town.  Not to worry, people still have access to numerous small shopping plazas, which are majorly found in the Norman Avenue, Overport road and Foot Street.

Talking about the southern part of Frankston south, well it is home to a shopping village near Mount Eliza. A lot of famous people live in this town including, Dustin Martin and Jimmy Barnes.

Since Frankston south is quite near to the Frankston CBD, it is difficult to find a major hospital in the surroundings. However, there is an availability of Frankston Hospital as well as Frankston Private Hospital, both situated near to the town. The town is home to a number of small clinics and pharmacies, to meet any emergencies.

Frankston South near the town of Frankston
Frankston South 3199