Frankston North


The original name of the town of Frankston North was “Pines Forest Estate” which is also often referred to as The Pines. Frankston Norths postcode is 3200 and its Geolocation is Latitude: -38.125022222222 and Longitude: 145.16241888889. The town of Frankston is an outlying district of Melbourne, which further is included within the country Australia. The location of this suburb is at a distance of 38 kilometers from the Central business district of Melbourne.

The entire population of Frankston is under 5762, according to the census carried out in the year 2016.


“Pines” has been chosen as the nickname for Frankston because in the previous times the Australian defense housing ministry was spread over the majority part of the land. The name of the Defense ministry was Pines Forest Estate. Although the nickname “pines” has been given to the state, the density of pine trees in the state is extremely thin.  The decrease in the number of pine trees in Frankston is due to the deforestation which took place in the 1990s on a massive scale.


The architecture of Frankston is extremely beautiful and a thought out process. The houses in the state are a good example of low scale residential plots. The houses come with gardens set on the front part. The reason behind the town’s streetscape being open is the presence of flat horizontal buildings as well as open fencing. The houses and buildings which prevail in the town are a part of the housing commission of Victoria homes which are made out of conite. This scheme was introduced in the year the 1960s and completed in 1970s.

The renovation around the state revolved around the addition of fibro rendering. The roads have been sealed and consist of footpaths and kerbs. These are found on either side of the roads. The total size of this town is said to be a good 5.2-kilometer square.

Frankston North near the town of Frankston
Frankston North 3200