Carrum Downs 


Carrum down is an outlying district of Melbourne; it comes under the wing of Victoria Australia. Carrum Downs postcode is 3201 and its GeoLocation is Latitude: -38.097535277778  Longitude: 145.17069916667. The exact location of this land is around 36 kilometers away from the central business district of Melbourne. The city which holds within Carrum down is Frankston government area. The total population of Carrum down is up to 13, 82000, this figure has been reported according to the census carried out in the year 2016.


Before the year 1994 in the month of December, a major part of Carrum downs was situated in the city of Cranbourne. After 1994, there was a layer of reform that was spread around by the government due to which the land of Carrum down was declared to be an integral part of the city of Frankston.

In the latter part of the year 2006, the organization of Real estate compiled a report with regard to economic development, keeping in mind the top cities of the country. In this report, Carrum down was ranked on the fourth position based on the increase in the city’s property sector by 94.4%. This figure boosted after the year 2001. In January of the year 2008, Carrum down was declared as a land in the best interest of property development due to an obvious increase in the demand of commercial and residential areas, in the annual report of “Your investment property”.


The architecture of Carrum down is a perfect blend of all extremes. It caters to the need of all artistic depictions. The architecture of this city ranges from low scale dwellings of the modern era to low scale fencing. These dwellings come with alleviating views of the gardens frontage.

During the era of the 1990s, a major part of the land of Carrum down was offered to the general public in the form of parks.  After some time, due to the increase in population and the need for residential areas, the government converted the public parks into a proper housing scheme. Till date, the construction of houses is an ongoing process in the state.

Carrum Downs near Frankston
Carrum Downs 3201